Sculpture I SPRING 2012

SCULPTURE I, 1-23-2012

On Monday, we had a still life that we were to sit and stare at. In doing so we were asked to address what we observed. We were asked to consider a multitude of ideas. Below are the ideas that stood out to me:

Space, line –> curve vs. straight line –>square vs. round, material–>card board vs. metal, upright, laying, collapsed, shadown, white, blue, reflective, corners, rips, tears, hard edges vs. rough edges, structure, openings, GRAVITY, together-touching vs. separate, vertical vs. horizontal, unseen vs. seen

What was most interesting to me was the play of “real, solid objects” seeming to deteriorate. viewing the still life right to left, I observed white upright boxes. As I moved my eye toward the middle, there were brown, bent, used boxes, standing, as well as laying on top of each other. Moving my eye to the left I came to notice boxes by themselves, bent, either on their side or somehow limp, laying on the ground. With the lack of bright colors, I felt almost sorry for the still life. I felt a strong sense of defeat, of being used, and forgotten. Furthermore there was a great juxtaposition with the metal running in and out of the boxes which led my eye to believe there was something going on that was in fact unseen. This creating a narrative for the viewer.

Along with observations we had to draw the still life, to get our hand back in motion of rendered drawings. I chose small portions of the still life where I felt materials, light, and interaction were interesting.

Lately my mind has been on the idea of space. For example, the amount of thought space you have when doing yoga. If I have a room with a low ceiling I feel confined and less able to think things through. While if given a room with a high ceiling or an outdoor area, say a park, I find myself to be much happier. This being because I have the space to delve into all my inner thoughts. Another example of space is with my own personal artwork. Many of my pieces require ample space, not because they are large in existence but the energy and aura around them need to have the space to breathe and exist. What they hold is heavy, in their lack of existence and in their existence together.

The amount of space created and occupied in the still life on Monday was compelling. I felt this void, and too existence of what was there and what was not there. This I believe to be a great start in thinking about sculpture.


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