Sculpture I SPRING 2012

Sculpture I, 1-31-12 & 2-1-12

Materials given: Plastalina

Objective(in my words): form a relationship with it

A block of clay, which is a material I have been working with since I was in Kindergarten never seemed so fragile and delicate in my hands before. (this is not an exaggeration) I tore it, attempting to make it a even cut, it did nothing of the sort, but made a clean uneven cut, as if my hands held tectonic power and made a crack in the earth. I felt as if I had opened up another dimension, that I had torn apart a solid sturdy object, and now was looking at its fleshy insides. The underside of its skin. The texture created showed history, broken(ness), vulnerability, layers, and ridges.

A relationship had begun.

I was no longer looking at the clay as a material to be conquered. I was observing, every move I made, it made one in response. I threw it on the ground, broke it into pieces,  rolled it, tore it apart again. I was having a conversation with it. In between actions I would stop, and just look. It would say a multitude back in response.

From pushing and pulling the material I came to a stopping point, a resolution rather, where I saw two figures emerge from my dialogue. They seemed to be reaching for each other, and as they stood firm in their existence their pieces could crumble at any moment. The weight of what they hold in expression is heavy, their reality though is complete and utter fragility. All you have to do is pull one piece and they would both crumble apart.

In response to this experiment, it only felt fitting to incorporate my canary paper sculptures into this. I took the cast of each figure which you will see in the photographs below.

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