My inspiration: Alexander McQueen

I wanted to create lace out of grocery bags, and initially thought that it would lay flat on my body, but my costume has evolved to much more. I have created structures that wrap around my head, shoulders, wrists, waist, and ankles. From those structures I have cardboard sticks that stick out while holding my initial shape design (below).


From this I have used my body as a structure itself, to hold these shapes and distort my own figure. This was all done with intentions to represent my drawings I have been working on since last semester. To create this energy around my body, the energy that is created in my drawings. While working the bags I learned how delicate and fragile they were. Cutting them took patience and a lot of time, and when it came to attach them to the structures I had created, even more difficulty arose, mainly ripping and things getting stuck together with all the layering. In result of these discoveries I will have a person behind me as I walk through the parade and dance about, picking up with materials fall off. This is to further elude to the idea of my costume existing and not existing. With pieces being not permanently attached I am allowing for my costume to evolve forever until it no longer exists. This may result in whole parts falling off, depending on how I react to the environment and materials.

While I have enjoyed parts of the process of making a costume I don’t think I found the same joy in it as when I was making my table. I’m still trying to process why I feel such a way, but one being not fully being confident in my mechanics of creating a costume to be most sufficient. BUT like many other areas of my process, frustration with materials is a common theme in my work, so the fragility, which has caused frustration only seems fitting for me to be experiencing in this point of the process.

Here are some images of the finished product thus far. Enjoy.

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