Sculpture: GAME TIME!

Final Project: create a game, think about materials, concept, rules, etc.

For my game I decided to incorporate the materials I have been working with all semester, sketching paper. The next thought I had was to pick a game that I remembered playing from my childhood, Mancala. It is a rather simple game, includes a tray with two oval like concave shapes at either end, with circular concave(s) in two rows between them. Like you see below.


When playing Mancala I thought of the pebbles I have been wanting to make, I decided this game would be a great first test run to see how the paper would react, whether it would expand or stay condense, and too if it would become a hard enough structure to be used as the Mancala pieces. They worked.


I went about making the tray by first filling the negatives of an actual Mancala tray with my paper, letting them dry in the sun, then taking the negatives, lining them up in the same pattern as the actual tray, then covering it with ceran wrap, followed by wet tracing paper, and then from that placing the actual tray over all of it to exaggerate the impression of the concaves.


In the end it turned out quite well and playable. the concave spaces are stable enough that they sit on a surface just fine.



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