The Table

Our first project in sculpture was to learn how to make a table. I found myself throughout the process becoming empowered by my new found ability to use power tools. I gained this in Italy for the first time when I was in Metals and Jewelry Making, but with the saws I found an even greater found confidence in my ability to create. I’ve found myself constantly in battle with creating certain things because I thought to myself “I didn’t know how I would go about doing it”. But the more I have taken classes that have introduced me to tools, my mind has begun churning as to how I can solve creation/construction problems in the future.

I enjoyed experiencing 3D space with creating a table, and it was a satisfying experience. With the confidence I gained, my ability to not feel taken aback my a structural problem, I believe, helped me move forward in my work.

I struggled with trying to find a right move in what to do with the table/stool. I thought about staining it, but when we went to pick the wood I picked so precisely that the beauty of the raw wood continued to speak to me throughout the whole experience.

Once I finished the table I wanted to go straight to making shells of it because I was so pleased with how the proportions came out. I ended up making a shell of the top part, allowing the paper to flow outward and inward from the table top to create a table cloth that seemed to be flowing in the wind. Once it dried I wanted the table cloth to be separate and floating just enough about the table to were it was lightly touching the table. Luckily it worked. Below you will see an image of the finished project.



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