Cataloging Victoria Campbell’s Work

Let me paint a series of events for you-

Woman graduates from college, whisks through celebrations, says her goodbyes at one internship and opens the door to another. Goes from 4 years of intense thought process, countless papers, and heavy art production to…absolute freedom.

What does one do?

Moves in with parents – makes studio out of unfinished basement.

If you could be listening to any tunage right now whilst reading my reflections…

rewind, and hit play to: The Winner is by Danna/Devotchka

To continue-

Woman begins internship at High Museum of Art, worked, learned much. Internship ends. woman realizes…one needs a job. Makes art instead. gets job. still makes art.

Let me back up for a moment.

A lot happened during the summer months of the internship, besides the internship. I talked to a lot of smart people, who have been there and done it before, to ones who are in the process themselves, and who said to me many times: “we’ve all been in your position Victoria, keep that chin high, keep doing what you are doing, keep fighting for that which you want.”

So I took what I was learning and applied it to my own artistic process, devising a system to track my work. a.k.a. cataloging.

Starting with the first college piece created to the present, I have record of each piece, sketchbook, digital file since I started my sophomore year. And each of these creations have been assigned a file name. (example of format: VAC 2011.1)

each has been hand labeled with a file name, and each document photograph has been titled with the same file name. Within my spread sheet I took the time to plug in date, title, medium, size(framed/unframed), and location. I’ve also included, in the case that a piece has been sold, to whom, when, and where it presently is located. I also made columns in the case of a loan out.




I’ve found this helpful for me to reflect on production pace, and achieved goals. And with so many works complied so far, it helps better apply to galleries,  artist calls, and exhibitions.

Daunting? a bit, but completely worth while. Not only do I know what I have done since  starting my art career in college, but I also was able to see the transformation of my artistic thoughts and creative abilities/skills. That in itself has strengthened my eyes and ideas. Too, I understand my underline theme and motivation deeper than before.





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